The DragNfly renovates and conditions conventional and synthetic footings on horse riding arenas and tracks. Since this groomer handles all types of footings there is no need to buy multiple groomers when you change the footing surface in your arena.

The unique design features heavy duty side rub rails. An row of adjustable, agressive ripper teeth are offset, have a spacing of 4 inches and a working depth of up to 4 inches. The rear 2 rows of spring tines are off set and can be adjusted by a manual ratchet or an optional hydraulic cylinder. The spring tines give an ultimate mixing effect of the surface. The rear bar roller pulverizes and packs to the desired density, leaving an attractive pattern finish.
Click here to download brochure. Click here to download DragNfly brochure for sand/limestone footing.


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Model #D60D72 D84D96
Working Width60"72"84"96"
Working Depth 0-4" 0-4" 0-4" 0-4"
Hitch*CAT 1CAT 1CAT 1CAT 1
Weight385 lbs.440 lbs500 lbs565 lbs
Overall Dimensions60"W x 44"D x 34"H 72"W x 44"D x 34"H84"W x 44"D x 34"H 96"W x 44"D x 34"H
# of Ripper Teeth
# of Spring Tines
Rear Cage Roller8.75" dia.8.75" dia.8.75" dia.8.75" dia.
Tractor HP Requirement* 20 HP 25 HP 30 HP 35 HP
* hitch can be converted to towbar with optional drawbar attachment.

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* It is recommended before each use that the operator inspect equipment for loose hardware and parts and tighten as necessary. CAE will not be responsible for any loose items in the arena. Additionally the application of Loctite may be recommended when replacing certain parts.